100 Pond Bay

In Harmony with its surroundings

Located in the British Virgin Islands, on Virgin Gorda, 100 Pond Bay is easily accessible from the States or Europe. This is a place where every element of natural beauty is enhanced by the award winning architecture of the villa. Whether sitting on the soaking shelves in the refreshing salt water pools or dining by moon light on the Main House veranda. Whether nestled in your king-sized bed spell-bound by Caribbean vistas, or enjoying a glass of wine or cocktail on your private terrace; 100 Pond Bay will stimulate your senses with its beauty, while rejuvenating your soul.

The Villa was designed so that no matter which way you turn, an exotic view pleases the senses. It was built in complete harmony with the surrounding area with minimal disturbance of natural vegetation. Rain is the primary source of water for most uses, with city water as a backup. Bottled water is provided for drinking. Waste is treated in the Chromoglass system, and the gray-water produced is used for irrigation. A propane generator backs up the electrical systems resulting in much less pollution than diesel power. Each bedroom is centrally cooled, but bi-fold doors open the main house allowing nature to provide cooling via the friendly breezes of Pond Bay.

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